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Book Reviews and Influencer Endorsements:

  • “In Getting Through What You Can't Get Over, Anita uses true stories, powerful scriptures, and practical wisdom to take trembling hands and gently slip them into the healing hands of Jesus.” Cheryl Ricker, author of Rush of Heaven
  • 5
    "Books entertain, teach, motivate, and some, like Words That Change Everything, especially inspire. I’m better for having read this non-fiction manuscript. If you choose to read it, I trust you will say the same is true for you." Anita Agers Brooks, award-winning author of Getting Through What You Can't Get Over and other titles  
  • 5
    "Death Defied Life Defined is a powerful and inspiring account of a man and his family whose strong Christian faith carried them through a prolonged illness leading to a double organ transplant. I read this book in two sittings. Highly recommended." -- Kathleen Bates, reviewer  
  • 5
    Getting Through What You Can’t Get Over is an insightful and powerful call to reclaim our lives, regardless of the pain we’ve endured. If you’ve ever tasted the bitterness of betrayal; your innocence, hope and childhood stolen by those who should have been protecting you, this book is a must-read. Anita has written a triumphant work that transcends the title, lifting the reader from mere encouragement into a soaringly purposeful and meaningful life of joy and freedom. I will be referring back to the pages of this book for years to come.” -- Athena Moberg, CPC Hawaii’s Trauma Recovery Coach, Author, Editor, Speaker & Business ConsultantProfessional Advocate to Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse  
  • 4
    "Anita Agers Brooks provides a clinically sound and clear message about PTSD in Getting Through What You Can’t Get Over. Soul penetrating. One of the strengths of this book is the Insider Insights after each paragraph that guide the reader in how to begin emotional healing." -- Debbie Davenport, LCSW LADAC Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System  
  • 5
    "I deal with a lot of people looking for work and employ over 100 people. I wish I could get everyone of them to read First Hired Last Fired. If you have any ambition to do above average in any endeavor, you must read this book. Five stars plus...."-- Darren Dake, reviewer  
  • Cover Art Getting Through
    "Getting Through What You Can't Get Over: Moving Past Your Pain into Lasting Freedom is an encouraging and inspiring read, especially for someone who has experienced depression, anxiety or PTSD. I can wholeheartedly recommend Anita Agers-Brooks’ book to my clients as an additional part of their ongoing therapy and recovery process."  Dr. J. D. Stake, LPC LMFT-S  


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